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Laravel 5.0 is out!

Here at LebenLabs, we embraced Laravel as our PHP framework to start new projects. From the begging, we have been very excited of Laravel evolution. Its growing community and its simplicity are the features we love most. These last years were good for PHP also. It got a lot of improvements and releases.

Laravel 5 has been released a couple of days ago and many features has been included. All of them look fantastic.

It is always good to see that Laravel does not waste efforts reinventing the wheel. From its beginning, it took a lot of components from a matured framework as symfony. It really makes sense. This time, with Laravel 5, Taylor decided to upgrade dd() function taking advantaged of a new VarDumped packaged recently released by Symfony.

Other new features include:

  • Controller Method Injection: before this, only controller constructor injection were supported.

  • Socialite: an optional package to deal with OAuth without struggling.

  • Flysystem: a Frank de Jonge’s package which allows you to easily swap out a local filesystem for a remote one (Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud Files).

  • Laravel Scheduler: designed to simplify tasks that need to be ran via CRON. We agree that is a good idea to version cron tasks.

  • Commands & Events: Commands and events received a preety makeover and it has been perfectly covered in the documentation.

  • Laravel Elixir: a new wrapper around gulp that provides a clean API for defining basic Gulp tasks to easily deal with assets.

Among others.


Upgrade worked like a charm. We did not face any issue performing the upgrade from 4.2 to 5.0. Of course, each project is different and you might find yourself struggling with a vendor package that perfectly worked with laravel 4.2 but did not meet Laravel 5.0 requirements yet.

Despite individual cases, it is always good to have a great guide to know how to perform upgrades.


The documentation is getting better with each release. Documentation is important, but not the whole story. Often, you need experienced developers to help you troubleshot your problems. In this aspect, Laravel succeed. It has a great community always eager to help.

Any drawbacks?

We can't say we don't love this new release. Surely, it is better than its precedent laravel 4.2 and all the changes have their reasons. However, we cannot deny that is quite difficult to stick to something that keeps changing permanently. Start projects in laravel 4.2 knowing that the upcoming release is close was not pleasent considering that it has not been a long time between each version.

On the other hand, change tell us that project is alive. That's key in the software industry.

“PHP That Doesn’t Hurt. Code Happy & Enjoy The Fresh Air."

Laravel Slogan

In LebenLabs, we can not disagree with this premise. We want things to be this way.

Lo que dicen nuestros clientes

  • Got a incredible work from LebenLabs. A bunch of guys you can surely trust.

    Obtuve un resultado increíble con LebenLabs. Un equipo realmente confiable.

    David Sturgeon

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